I often found that CodeBlocks brought an Exception Error with this message.

This problem occurs somehow due to change in CodeBlock’s  default.conf file. It’s a file that contains all CodeBlocks default information.When CodeBlocks tries to run it realize that its default information is missing so, it shows this error “The application encountered an error a c:\CB1312\src\sdk\configmanager.cpp,on line …..”.


And the error message it shows “TinyXML error: Error reading end tag . in file c:\ThePathWhereDefault.confFileExist…”.

How to solve this problem?

This problem is very annoying because Even if we reinstall CodeBlocks this won’t get solved.So, obviously, everyone thinks it has no solution.But they are wrong. Now, I am going to show you how to solve this.

In the first ScreenShot, I marked (Red color) a path. you have to go there simply writing the path on FileManager. and you will reach this page.

I marked (Red Color) both the path and the default.conf file.You have to simply delete the default.conf and that’s it. You solved the problem.

Now, open the CodeBlocks You will see this page.

And simply click ok(Red marked).Your CodeBlocks will open fine.

I know this is a short and boring article but this problem can ruin someone’s life. So, my intention is to help people.

Thank you to bear with me.Leave a comment if you find this article helpful.Thanks.



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