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Process Monitor is an advanced monitoring tool for Pc that shows real-time file system, Registry, and process/thread activity.

For Windows, we use Task manager, where we can find application process monitor, how much we are using Ram, HDD and CPU (Central Processing Unit). Task manager provides you to stop any application running on the computer also.

But in Ubuntu what we can use to see our computer process monitor. The most interesting thing is that there is no need for extra features to see the process monitor in Ubuntu. We just use a little bit command in our terminal to see the process monitor.

To do this first you type:
ctrl +alt +T,
Now you are in Terminal of Ubuntu.
Now write a command,
$ top
You will see the window like below,

Process monitor Window

Now you can see the process monitor of Ubuntu. In this window you can see this using of Cache memory,swap memory and random access memory are shown in kiB, where in windows these things are shown in MB which is actually little bit of different.

Now let discuss important things, here we can so many programs are running on the computer and its continuously running like rampaging.
We should stop it to detect the program running on the computer.
So type,
ctrl +C,then it should be look like this,

After type ctrl +C you will see command line directory at bottom of the terminal window. In order to close an application or any task running on the computer, at first you need to detect the running application by seeing most right sided coloumn, but you have to identify these by the PID (Process Identification) Number. After identification, you can stop a particular application or other task.
For example, in this terminal, I want to stop the chrome application which I can see the top of the process monitor. I have to Identify this by its PID Number which is 4310.

Finally You have to type ,
$ kill 4301 (PId Number)
And then the application will be closed.


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