The advantages of using of Ubuntu.

Why we should use Ubuntu and how to use it to the beginning.


What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an open source operating system of Linux distribution based on  Debian architecture.It can run both personal and network servers with the feature of enterprise-classes.

Now I am going to tell why a person should use Ubuntu along with windows.

Most of all know Ubuntu is a free operating system of Linux distribution as well as it’s affected by virus rarely. Is that the actual thing that we should use Ubuntu? Some people of ubuntu users tell that it’s a minor thing, on the other hand, others users tell that it’s a totally useless speech for beginner user of Ubuntu.

For using ubuntu we have to write some command in terminal section. Actually for access to this operating system command is the mandatory things which we use in terminal section in this operating system. For writing these command we should learn some primary knowledge of file system directory.When we use the operating system according to this for a few months then we could catch the good knowledge about directory of the file system as well as operating system. Having file system directory’s knowledge of operating system you can easily access your operating system.Without that, you can achieve this knowledge which will help your software engineering life to make the different types of software.Actually, by getting understanding file system directory in your pc, you found the interest and good taste of this operating system.

So, this operating system helps you to understand file system directory of an operating system which is so helpful for you guys. To use Ubuntu at the beginning time it’s not necessary to use this alonely on your pc, I mean without windows. Because of the first time, it can annoy you.You can use this operating system along with Windows on your pc by dual boot system. But I want to suggest you do not use like that for the first time.It is better to learn first about Ubuntu operating system. That’s why I recommend you to use Ubuntu virtually in your windows operating system using software like Oracle virtual box, Vmware Workstation etc.

To get your desired operating system, click here.

To download Oracle virtual Box the link is here.

Beside oracle, you can also use Vmware Workstation alternative with oracle virtual box.

To download Vmware workstation the link is here.


For knowing how to setup Ubuntu in oracle virtual box, the link is here

So, guys, I think my entire explanation may helpful for you to realize the real advantage of using this operating system.


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