Data Structure

What is Data Structure?

Data structure is a way of organizing and storing data in computer memory. The data is stored in such manner that the organized data can efficiently be retrieved and modified.

More accurately, Data structure is a collection of operation, which are performed on datasets to organized data which helps us to reduce complexities that are faced when we manipulate them(datasets).

Why it’s needed?

Data structure is needed to store millions of bytes of data in a well-fashioned way so that large amounts of data can easily be manipulated as our needs.

Our total amount of stored data is rising exponentially. This rising amount of data may cause problems if we don’t store them in a proper way. Data structure shows us how we can store huge amount of data more efficiently. It also shows us how to retrieve that data from stored devices. Data structures provide a means to manage large amounts of data efficiently for uses such as large databases and internet indexing services(such as Google).

How has it come into Place?

Data structures are generally based on the ability of a computer to store and fetch (pull) data from any place in its memory with the help of pointers (a collection of bits which specify each address of memory) and perform specific operations on them(data).

Look at the picture and think in which figure you can easily find Books.Obviously, your answer will be Fig-2.This is because in Fig-2 books are organized in a manure so that you can easily manipulate them(books). In the same way, Data structure helps us to organized data in Computer memory so that we easily manipulate them(Data).

The implementation of a data structure usually requires writing a set of procedures that manipulate data. Each block of memory (contains Data) consists of a unique address(pointers hold address). Data structure tracks those addresses and performs specific operations to manipulate data as required such as insertion, deletion, searching, updating etc.

In every programming languages, there are some built-in Datatypes. Data structure can easily perform manipulation on those Data types (such as array element insertion, deletion, searching, updating).

We can also define our own data types to perform more specific operations on them as well as to reduce Time Complexity, Space Complexity.Such as  Linked list. In which we reduce Time Complexity for inserting elements in it.

To perform more efficient data structure procedures we can inherit some basic Algorithm (such as Binary Search, Bubble Sorting etc). With the help of such Algorithm, we can reduce Time Complexity, Space Complexity for applying Data structure procedures.

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